4 Tips To Consider When Visiting A Dermatologist

If you are having problems with your skin, visiting a dermatologist is one of the best ways to ensure that you get on the right path to correcting it. This is because a dermatologist will study your skin type and, based on their experience, will be able to provide the right treatments and tips to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. Here are four tips to consider when you visit a dermatologist:

  1. Take a Picture of Your Skin:  Before going to the dermatologist, it helps to have a picture of your skin without make-up on and when it's at it's worst. This way, if you do visit your dermatologist on a good skin day, you can better point out the problems you really want to address even if they currently aren't showing. It's also important not to wear make-up to your dermatologist's office so that they can get started on your treatment right away. If you are coming straight from work or school, you can bring some facial wipes to remove your make-up before your appointment.
  2. Ask for Samples: If your dermatologist recommends that you use a specific product, consider asking if they have a sample of that product in their office. Most likely, if they are suggesting it, they probably do. This ensures that you are able to try the product before you invest money in it. You never know how your skin could react to it. Plus, you may not like the way it feels. Once the sample runs out, you can let your dermatologist know whether or not it worked for you. If it didn't, they will be able to provide more samples of similar products that may work better for you. 
  3. Be Realistic: Your first visit with a dermatologist isn't going to yield results the next day. It's important to be realistic and realize that certain treatments and products are going to take up to a few weeks to start showing their true magic for your skin. If you aren't realistic, it can lead to you not staying with a dermatologist who actually works well with you. It can also lead to your skin becoming worse due to the stress and pressures you are putting on it. 
  4. Be Honest: Finally, you need to be honest with your dermatologist. You likely know that it's bad to pick at your skin, which is going to make you want to say that this is something you don't do even though you do. When you are honest about these bad habits, your dermatologist can offer you tips to help you break them. 

When you consider these four tips, your visits with a dermatologist can be successful and your skin is sure to clear up in a short amount of time.