Six Rosacea Triggers To Watch Out For

If your dermatologist has diagnosed you with rosacea, you have probably been prescribed a cream or wash to help ease your symptoms. However, in order to minimize your breakouts, you will also want to figure out what causes your rosacea flare-ups so you can avoid those things. While everyone has different rosacea triggers that they react to, these six are pretty common.

Spicy Food

Many people find that spicy foods like hot peppers, curry spices, and black pepper cause them to break out. Stick to milder versions of your favorite foods – like mild salsa and barbecue chicken wings (instead of hot wings), and you will likely find that your rosacea flare-ups reduce in frequency.


Some people react with just one drink, while others react if they have more than 3 or 4 drinks. You might have to do some experimenting to figure out just how much alcohol you can have without suffering a breakout. Once you have this figured out, hold yourself that that limit. Some good ways to avoid drinking too much include diluting your drinks with more mixer, choosing non-alcoholic beer or wine, or reaching for a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

Strong Winds

Go outside on a blustery day, and there's a good chance your skin will suffer later. Purchase a few attractive, thin scarves that you can wrap around your face when going outside on a windy day. This will protect your skin without forcing you to stay inside.


Fragrances in cosmetics and in skincare products often irritate rosacea-prone skin. Switch to fragrance-free versions of these products, and avoid using perfumes and body sprays. Read labels carefully. Make sure every product specifically states that it is "fragrance free."

Anxiety and Stress

After a period of stress, many people find that they break out. While it is hard to eliminate stress from your life completely, there are some things you can do to reduce your stress levels. Start participating in a stress-relieving activity like yoga or meditation. Talk about your problems with someone you trust, rather than stewing over them. If you suffer from severe anxiety, see a therapist for treatment – your rosacea will probably improve, too!

Hot Beverages

Pay attention the next time you drink coffee or tea. You might break out afterwards – a lot of rosacea patients do. If you do break out, you'll want to steer clear of hot beverages. Since it's the heat that causes the reaction, you can still feel free to enjoy iced coffee or iced tea when you're craving one of these beverages.

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