Love To Go Bass Fishing? How It Can Affect Your Health

If you love the sport of bass fishing, you likely can spend an entire day out on the water. You may even fish tournaments for money. Even though you can have a great time, you still need to cautious about a few things. Below are two tips so you can stay healthy and continue fishing all you want.

Skin Cancer

The number one thing you need to be concerned with is skin cancer. There are different types of skin cancers that you should be aware of. This allows you to know if you should have a mole or a small spot on your skin checked by a skin cancer treatment clinic or your dermatologist.

To protect yourself, always wear a hat.  Purchase a wide brimmed hat, and make sure it fits your head securely. You may be able to find hats that have a removal chin strap to wear while you are driving your boat across the water. You can find these hats at any stores that sells boats and fishing equipment.

Always wear sunscreen while fishing. Purchase sunscreen that has an SPF of 45, as it blocks out 98% of the sun's rays. Put the sunscreen on every part of your body that is exposed to the sun. Two places many people do not think about are their lips and tips of their ears.

For skin cancer testing, contact an office such as Heibel Dermatology.

Fishing Elbow

If you spend a lot of time fishing, you could develop fishing elbow. If you have this problem, you will feel sharp pains on the outer part of your elbow joint. The exact location of the pain differs from fisher to fisher, because not everyone casts the same way.

As soon as you start feeling pain, stop fishing until the pain goes away. Take anti-inflammatory drugs and apply ice and/or heat to the area. If the pain goes away, start fishing again to see if it comes back.

If the pain comes back and you continue fishing, you will develop small tears in the tendon that attaches to your elbow. The tears will not heal quickly if you continue fishing. This also causes the tears to become larger over time. If you have these large tears, you may have to have surgery and/or a lot of physical therapy. This would mean you would have to quit fishing for a long period of time.

If you continue to feel pain, see your doctor immediately. The sooner you get treatment the better outcome you will have. They can also go over what fishing elbow is in much more detail.

Following these tips will allow you to fish without any health problems. You can then concentrate on catching that big bass.