3 Reasons To Consider A Facial Peel

Skin peels sound kind of alarming, but are relatively safe procedures that happen every day in dermatology clinics across the United States. A skin peel is essentially a more intense exfoliation strategy that involves adding chemicals to the facial skin of the person who is getting the peel. These chemicals will help remove the damaged, dead skin on the surface of the patient's face and reveal the new, young skin that is underneath. There are several benefits to getting a facial peel.

1. Your Skin Will Feel Smoother

If you are a person who dreads winter because it will cause your skin to feel like a piece of sandpaper, then getting a facial peel is the way to go. The reason why your outermost layer of skin feels rough to the touch is because it is very dry, perhaps dry to the point where moisturizer won't be able to help it. Without a facial peel, you would have to wait for the dead skin to come off on its own, a process that could take long enough to cause the layer of skin beneath it to also dry out.

Getting a facial peel will dramatically speed up the process. It will remove the dead skin at once and allow you to start heavily moisturizing the smooth skin underneath, keeping it plump and smooth the entire winter.

2. It Reduces Facial Irregularities

Nobody's face, not even the people on the cover of magazines, is totally free from acne scars, sunspots, or dark circles under the eyes. Getting a facial peel removes the top layer of skin where these facial irregularities are most apparent. When this layer of skin is removed, these irregularities will become less noticeable because they will become lighter. Repeating the process will continue to reduce how dark acne scars and sunspots are.

3. Clears Pores

Sometimes, dead skin will bunch up in your pores and cause them to fill up. It can also trap dust and dirt in the pores, irritating them. You want to make sure that you keep your pores as clear as possible in order to make sure that you don't irritate them to the point where acne forms. Getting a facial peel will help ensure that there is no dead skin clogging your pores, as well as remove any other foreign particles.

For more information, talk to your dermatologist about getting a facial peel today. To learn more about dermatology, contact someone like Dermatology Associates.